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    Brian Hey started BH Consulting in 2001 while working as a Network Administrator for a Loan and Real Estate company. With a few clients Brian worked on weekends and after hours. In 2004, after 8 years of service, the company Brian was working for closed its doors. At this point Brian Hey devoted his time to building BH Consulting.

    With many clients in the business of Real Estate, Brian focused on building up his client base in that industry as well as others. BH Consulting now serves not only Real Estate offices, but also construction companies, agriculture operations, physical therapy offices, law offices and others, as well as home users. BH Consulting mainly grew by referrals from clients and this continues to be the primary source of new business.

    With the years of experience gained while working as a Network Administrator, supervising one technician and supporting 300 users in 8 locations across three counties Brian was able to build up the skills needed to move into the IT consulting field. Technology is always changing and moving forward, Brian is always learning and upgrading his knowledge to keep ahead of the technology curve.


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